(Archive) V 2.0 Design  

Version 2 uses extruded features on the headband as the attachment point for the transparent shield. This feature provides a secure fit while also being removable. Instructions on how to make this design are given below, and can also be found at:


3 Part Design

3D Printed Headband

Flexible Top Insert

Transparent Shield

  V 2.0 Headband  

Materials Needed

  • 3D printer

  • PLA or PETG Filament (any color)

Step 1

Download the STL File

Step 2

Load your STL into your slicing application. We recommend using Cura.

Step 3

Configure your 3D printer settings. We recommend the following settings:​​

  • ​Layer Height: 0.3 mm

  • Layer Speed: 80 mm/sec

  • Wall Thickness: 1.5 mm

  • Z-seam alignment: sharpest corner IMPORTANT

  • Infill: 0% (Change this based on your printer needs)

  • Supports: None

Step 4

Print your face shield! If you are using a standard 0.4 mm nozzle, the print should take approximately 2 hours. However, if you update the nozzle to a 0.8 mm nozzle the print will only take about 1 hour.

  V 2.0 - Top Insert  

Materials Needed

any 0.01 inch thickness material (preferably not transparent -- save that for the shields)

Step 1

If you have a CNC Machine, or another kind of cutting machine, download the SVG of the top insert below

Alternative Step 1

You can also 3D print or cut out the template for the top insert, and cut the inserts by hand using the template.


  V 2.0 - Transparent Shield  

Materials Needed

  • 9x11 inch, 0.01 inch thickness, transparent flexible material (preferably PET)

Step 1

If you have access to a 2D or higher CNC machine, waterjet machine, or laser cutter, download the batch file for cutting. The designs for a single transparent shield is also available in the ZIP folder.


If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you could also cut the shields by hand, or you can donate the material to us and we can machine cut the shields.


  V 2.0 Assembly 

The video below shows how to assemble the complete V2 Face Shield


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