Soda Bottle Shield

This shield can be made from repurposed materials, or supplies carried at most corner stores, and only requires a pair of scissors, or a sharp knife.  This design could be ideal for developing countries or situations where materials are scarce. While its downsides are that it is a little shorter than ideal, and the clarity of used plastic bottles isn't the greatest, this design provides an alternative face shield that's surprisingly comfortable because of it's light weight. Adapted from design by Sigbjørn Windingstad.


Materials Needed

  • Large, clear plastic bottle (straight sidewall, 2 Liter best) for shield

  • Smaller plastic bottle (any kind) for headband

  • Rubber band, elastic, or string

  • Knife or scissors

  • Alcohol or rubbing compound

Step 1

Mark cutting line

Step 2

Cut the bottles

Step 3

Just keep the center piece. Recycle the rest.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 to the second bottle.  You should end up with two pieces of plastic.

Step 5

Spray alcohol / acetone / rubbing compound on paper or rag.

Step 6

Clean label off the two plastic pieces.

Step 7

Cut a 1" wide strip from one plastic piece. Cut the other plastic into this face shield shape.

Step 8

Make sure the headband strip is 2-3 inches shorter than the shield width.

Step 9

Cut two small openings on each end of the strip.

Step 10

Form this shape.

Step 11

Fasten elastic or string onto the mask.

Step 12

Adjust length to fit.


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