Cast Shield

This design uses a silicone to create molds that are then used to cast urethane face shield headbands. The face shield is then attached to these urethane headbands using rivets. 

This is the method that scales the best to high production quantities since the molds can be reused for multiple headbands. This method also uses materials that are currently easily sourced. The only drawback of this method is that a large well-ventilated area is needed for safety reasons. This design was based off the Prusa design, found here.

  Part 1 - Create Silicone Mold  

Materials - 1 Mold

  • Silicone

  • 3D printer

Step 1

3D print the 3 components that will assemble to create the mold that will be used for casting. Each mold can last for the production of approximately 20 face shield headbands

Step 2

Assemble the mold by placing the top piece on the bottom piece, and placing the insert into the grooves of the bottom piece as shown below

Step 3

Prepare the silicone and pour into the mold

Step 4

Wait 1 hour for the silicone mold to cure. (Cure time might be different depending on the silicone you are using). Once the silicone has set, you can remove the silicone from the mold case, and you have your silicone mold ready for casting!

  Part 2 - Cast Urethane Headband  

Materials (1 Shield)

Urethane (such as Silcast II)

Step 1

Prepare the Urethane mix and pour the mix into the previously made silicone mold. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area.

Step 3

Drill the holes out of the urethane part in preparation for the rivets.

  Part 3 - Assemble the Face Shield   

  • Urethane headband made in Part 2

  • 3 Rivets

  • 3/4 inch wide Buttonhole Elastic or other material to attach shield to head

  • 3/4 inch wide closed cell (or other non-porous) foam

  • 9 inch by 11 inch transparent material for shield (ex. PVC)

Step 1

Laser cut or hand cut the transparent shield

Step 2

Attach the transparent shield to the urethane headband using 3 rivets.

Step 3

Attach foam to inner edge of headband

Step 4

Attach elastic to both sides of headband using notches.


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